So, “ how to make money by blogging for beginners”, for someone that never made a website, or never heard of making money online, this can seem quite challenging. However, after reading this article I will assure you that all your doubts are going to be cleared.

The first thing you should know, is creating content. By this I mean creating an article like this one, or making a video on YouTube or creating any type of content on any type of form. Obviously the content, should be helpful, and that is why is called content.

The idea of creating a website, is to help others on a specific topic, that specific topic you chose it’s called “niche”. When you choose a niche there is no turning back, and you will always have to create useful content on that specific niche.

Before we start jumping into how to actually build a website, and how to choose your niche, I will encourage you to search on on the internet, how to make a website, and also investigate on WordPress. There are other platforms other than WordPress, like Wix and Weebly, but for beginners I think that WordPress is the way to go, because it is more user-friendly.

Niche Selection.

Niche selection, is fairly the easier part. What you should take into account, is what topic do you like talking about to your friends, family Etc. I’m talking about that topic that’s when someone brings it up you get overwhelmed, and you want to interrupt others to show that you really know about that topic.

This is why I say it is the easier part, because you should be talking about something that you really are interested, and you already did some research before. A topic, that is very saturated is the fitness & weight loss niche. As a beginner, I would encourage you to stay away from that niche, mainly because of the competition there is out there.

Do not misunderstand me, there is no good or bad niche. But, there indeed are saturated niches. Although, let’s say that your topic is airplanes, the first thing you should be doing, is research, so as to know if there is enough traffic, meaning if that there will be people consuming content.

At first, you may be overwhelmed by choosing a specific niche. As I said on the start, talk about something you are really passionate, but also, make sure there is enough traffic to know that is worth creating the content.

Content Research.

Great. Now you have your Niche selected, and you’re ready to start creating content. But, do not go so fast.

First, you have to research about what topic you are going to write about, on that given niche. And first you have to do your keyword research.

Well, but what is keyword research? You see, Google identifies content by a specific paraphrase. For example, When you want an answer on a given topic you go to Google and type a keywords that you want an answer for. Well the same applies for your content research, you should look for keywords that are getting enough traffic.

You might be wondering, how do I actually know how much traffic does a keyword get? Well, you could use what is denominated as a keyword tool, but as a beginner I wouldn’t recommend you use these types of tools.

The Golden Nugget I’m about to give you, is key for getting more traffic to your Niche site. What I do, to know if what I’m going to write about is getting traffic, is by using Google instant. Google instant is the search bar of Google, that’s it.

You should be typing on Google, the title of your article, and if you see that there is no helpful content related to what you are going to write about, then you know that there is enough traffic for your website.

Creating The Website Using WordPress

I really encourage you to watch that video, Tyler does a great job explaining how to use WordPress. I know it is an hour long, but trust me, he explaines it very good. I thought the best way to show you how to create a website with WordPress, is by showing you a video-tutorial, which is more helpful than reading this article.

However, I’m going to tell you some steps you should take into consideration before making a website on WordPress. The first thing you should take into consideration, is the fact that your theme should look really good.

A theme, is a template that WordPress gives you to make a website. You can choose an enormous Galore of templates, made by the WordPress community. If you want to take it to the next level, I really encourage you to buy out a theme.

This is because, paid themes are much better than the free ones. Moreover, there are not that expensive, my theme cost me no more than $25. And, as you can see it looks very pretty. My personal recommendation, is that you first start out with a theme that has a free demo and then when you are ready upgrade, buy the paid one.

How To Actually Make Money.

So, how do we actually make money, because we are only creating content, and it is not like YouTube where you get paid because of your ad Revenue.

You could make some money with Google Adwords, that allows you to put advertising on your website, but the revenue that you will get at the start is not that worth it.

The answer to this question, is called affiliate marketing. This consists of the following; you promote others people’s product, and when you sell that given product, you get a commission, which is established by the owner of that product.

The great thing of this business model, is that you don’t touch the product, and you don’t have to deal with customer satisfaction , and it is a great way to monetize your site. As You can see, I’m promoting the system called the wealthy affiliate, which I encourage you to check it out.

The great thing of that system, is that they give you all the knowledge you know to make money by blogging. They even give you an in-depth training, on how to make a website using WordPress, like Niche research, Content research and everything you need to know to make money online.

Please do not understand this as a sales pitch. I’m showing you that system because they do a great job on how you can incorporate affiliate marketing into your Niche site.

Eat, Create Content And Repeat

Your main goal should always be, to create useful and helpful content. Remember, this is a long-term business, I tell you this because of personal experience. At first, it will be hard, you will not get traffic, and the harsh start awaits you.

Also remember this, that the path to success is always lonely. If everything goes as planned, and you followed everything I said on this article, and your site is approximately 6 months old, you should start seeing some results.

As the title encourages you, your first Motif to your site is to create enough content. You should start aiming for at least 30 articles on your site.

Final Thoughts..

Remeber always, always…, to create useful content. That is the only way that your customers will trust you, and will know that what you are recommending to them is trustable. So, hope you like this article as I’d enjoyed writing about it.

Please, leave your comments Below on any experience you had on making your brand new website, and please I would love some feedback!

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  1. Hi, thank you for this information, I have had a quick look at your other content and have bookmarked your page so that I can read them in more detail at a later time.

    1. Hey garry,
      I appreciate that, it is really helpful, so that I can continue to produce more content!

      Have a good one,

  2. Hi, this is wonderful information. I keep forgetting that I can use Google to get the best keywords. Thanks for that reminder. I still consider myself a beginner but I’m trying very hard to learn the best ways to get make money blogging. Any suggestions on which are good affiliate programs?

    1. Sandy,
      THanks for asking, I am going to make a hole separete blog on the best affiliate programs out there in my opinion.

      Have a good one,

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