Well, What Is The Wealthy Affiliate?

Have you ever heard of “affiliate marketing”? If not, I am going to explain itwealthy affiliate review in detail later, don’t worry. In synthesis, affiliate marketing is an online business model that basically grew up alongside the internet.

First you must understand that in affiliate marketing there are two important roles: ¨the vendor¨, and ¨the affiliate¨. The vendor is the part who sells the given product and the affiliate is the one who gets a commission by promoting the product of the vendor.

This model has been around since the emerge of the internet because it is a very simple and easy model anyone can use to earn some extra money online. This is mainly, because it started as a model that were built around webs 1.0. That means that, you could not interact with the page, there were only static pages, meaning you could not even comment.

If you have been around the 90’s, you would know how boring and stale pages were, and that the webs were 1.0. Well, I did not grow up in the nineties, and certainly did not experience the pain in the neck that were building web pages back then.

However, as the name of the article suggests, that has certainly changed on the 21th. Century, and thanks to wordpress, wix, shopify, building websites has never been easier.

That is how I encountered the Wealthy Affiliate, by trail and error trying to fix my word press site, and searching on forums how to fix it. Basically I saw an ad in the sidebar of a web page, that described that I could build multiple websites from one only place!

Obviously, at first I did not believe it until, I saw it with my own eyes…

How And Why It Will Be Of Great Help For Your Upcoming Business.

At that moment, when I was trying to build my website all by myself I had no one that could help me, I had to do all the research on my own.

Also, it was infuriating, and frustrating because, the fact was that I felt lonely, I felt like everybody assumed that this business model was some type of scam.

I had to take every bit of information from this place… and that place… and it was just not for me. I felt like quitting, more than a few times. Of course, I am not a hypocrite, but I would like to say that this program changed my view of building websites.

I think the most changing thing for me was the active community it has. I am not going to lie, at first, I thought they were some type of sect, I was really scared on how they talked and interacted. But then, by asking and engaging with the community I have been thriving with my wordpress sites!

Even then, with it useful training, I got cleared some doubts I previously had about the model. That is because I could not find some of these targeted questions online.

How To Take The Most Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program.

The first thing you should be doing is going through the first training, which is called: “Getting Started”. I am recommending this, because as a FREE starter member is the only training you will have access to. This is for several reasons:

  2. As a free member you should first get used to the program, before jumping into premium.
  3. The starter access is ENOUGH to get your business website started.
  4. The “Getting Started” training is a great introduction to the world of affiliate marketing.

My personal recommendation to you, as a premium member and also so that you can get the most out of the free access, is to FIRST follow the getting started training and, while you are following it, create your first website.

Creating a website through wordpress is very easy. In case, you did not know what wordpress is, it is a user friendly platform that allows you to create websites without knowing any code.

Once you have created your first website, you should consider going premium. In the next section I am going to explain why is this.

What Is Inside The Program?

Inside the free member’s area you will have access to the getting started training, as I mentioned before, and you will be able to create 2 websites. That is why I said you should first create a website, before jumping into premium.

Also, the wealthy affiliate has a very lucrative affiliate program so, you could be earning money while you learn! Moreover, you will have access to the “affiliate boot camp”, which is a training that details every possible way that you could be promoting this program.

Kyle who is the CEO and owner of this program also partnered up with a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company called “Jaaxy”, which created a lot of handy tools to improve your rankings in google by the use of “keywords”. If all of these sounds to techy do not worry, you will learn it in the “getting started” area.

Basically your website can appear in google based on what keywords you use. Google will notice it and it will rank your blog/article in their search engine.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the difference between the Free membership and the Premium membership. Well, to make it more understandable, I will leave you a very detailed chart, that compares them both:

Who is the Product for?

Well if you have already looked to the comparison grid above, you should be able to notice who is this program for. The training are very complete and you should be able to get the hang of it very quickly.

However, if you do not see this as a long term business, you will be discouraged a hundred percent through out this journey. I my self also asked this question a lot, Is it worth it? I am doing good?

Sometimes your head plays you that types of games, but it is best to ignore them and keep looking forward. With that said, I think that the STARTER membership, is for those who want to get started, and the Premium one is for those who want to be earning NOW.

What I like about the Product?!

As a premium member that has been around only for 5 months now, I have to say that the best aspect of these programs is the community itself. This is because:

  • You have a live chat for any inquiries that you may have.
  • You can ask people to comment on your articles to improve your engagement rate.
  • Yo can create blogs in your WA profile, and the community will help you if you are having a bad time. (They cheered me up many times)

Also, the fact that you can create multiple website, means that you can CREATE MULTIPLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Now, as I write to you, I have built around ten websites, all with different niches.

You can improve your rankings in google with Jaaxy, and also there are webinars that the ambassadors do on different affiliate topics.

What I don’t like about the Product?!

Obviously, every thing has its pros and cons. If I would have to chose the worst thing on this program it would be that some of the trainings are a bit outdated.

However, this trainings are regularly being updated, I did notice that when I first joined, some training missed something. It is not something to worry about, because, in spite of being outdated, the content is very understandable.

Also, the community creates its own training, so if you want to learn about a specific sub-topic, you can search it on the top search bar.

Final Verdict Of The Wealthy Affiliate.

To sum up, the wealthy affiliate is a very complete affiliate program, that anyone can join for free, AND NO CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED TO START. You can learn all for free, and at the same time earn while you learn.

If you do not know of a specific topic, you can learn it on the training or learn by the blogs that the community has already done.

wealthy affiliate

I would like to know your opinions on this review, and also if you have had any experience with the program, please leave your comments below!

Hope you liked this review, as much I enjoyed writing it!

*DISCLAIMER* I am an affiliate of the Wealthy Affiliate, if you decide to buy the premium package, I will get a commision!

4 Replies to “The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – Can You Sky-Rocket Your Business With One Simple Blog?”

  1. Hi there,

    I totally agree with you.  Our lives have been made easier because of WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate courses.  The two are a marriage made in heaven!

    Before that, it was very difficult to build a website and know how to make a business out of it….I am forever grateful to WA for creating such a cost-effective method of affiliate marketing training..

    You must  be very glad you joined as well!

    1. Obviously Stella, why shouldn’t I? It iis one of the most lucrative communities in the world, with more than 1.4 Million members! I think this site will grow, and for the better. 

      It is really nice to hear that someone else really enjoys spending time inside this community!



  2. I have recently ended my 16 year career as a high school teacher and football coach in Houston, Texas. I was working 60-80 hours a week and only making around $75K a year with no opportunity to improve that very much. I am looking to start my own internet based business. After some research I have come across Amazon FBA courses and Lead Generating courses, both of which are attractive to me in that they are nearly totally online, have potential to generate a 6 figure plus income and take relatively less time than a full time job in the corporate world.

    I was about to schedule a call with Ippei and Dan and then came across your review. How is Wealthy Affiliate similar to and different than an Internet Lead Generating business like what Ippei and Dan are selling? Does Wealthy Affiliate offer the client financial tracking tools like what Ippei and Dan have that calculate client profit margin and how much your service is generating for them? I’m looking for something that I could do from home, internet based, make a 6 figure plus income and relatively less time consuming than a traditional 40 hour a week job? Thank you.

    1. Hey Ryan,
      I think you’re taking the wrong approach to making a steady long-term business online. First, this is not a lead generation opportunity, in W.A. they’ll teach you how to build a web property based on a niche of your liking, and also teach you how to get traffic to that page so that you can make affiliate commisions. However, we do have an affiliate bootcamp where we go in depht on paid advertising. It is very hard to make 6 figures overnight out of nothing. For me it took 2-3 years online.

      If you have another question I’m happy to reply,

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